The power of music

As cheesy as the headline of this blogpost may sound, I had a moment last week when I, once again, thought that there really is something to it.
I 've just had an awful day at work where a newly hired employee, whom I had "recruited" all by myself, something I had never done before in my life, and who was supposed to support me and take over some of my tasks, decided to quit his job, only after having worked with us six days in total. So after all the effort I put in evaluating over 50 applications and having six job interviews in total and having a hard time deciding, who would be the best fit to work closely with me and would also function with the rest of the team, this person just called one morning, after a weeks long sick leave, telling that it just wasn't the right job for him, that maybe he had done some wishful thinking before and had imagined the job being different and that he wasn't enjoying it. I HAVE NO WORDS FOR THIS!
After receiving these news and thinking about everything that had to happen once again, applications and so on, I really wasn't in the mood for going to a concert this night, but the tickets were a birthday present for me and my husband and we went with friends, so it wasn't an option to just bail on them. So my plan was to drink a lot of beer against the frustration, which I did actually, but not much more.
But it turned out, that even the opener, a young solo musician from Holland, was in fact really good and great to listen to. So this already lifted my spirits and the following Noah Guthrie show was so good that I forgot all the frustration from before completely. We danced and cheered and I can only recommend this artist, whenever you find him giving a concert near you. For me this was proof, that music has the power to change something, only if it's just one shitty day at work that you want to forget for a while.
At the end I even had a little, embarassing fangirl moment, when on my way to the restrooms, I ran into Noah Guthrie and his band, who just left the stage and I got to shake his hand and tell them how "really, really great" their show was!! Awkward... :D


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