One thing I learned while being a dance student

Not to be embarassed by anything

Have you ever danced without music?
Like full on body motion, arm swinging, jumping and turning around like crazy, but no sound at all besides your breath, stomps and squeaking on the floor? Or did you ever try to move and accompany every movement with a sound, you would likely read in a comic? "BAM" "SWOOOOSH" "POW" "VROOOOOM"
Did you ever lie on the floor with a group of people, all close to each other and staring to the ceiling and then started singing monotonously a note? And one after the other, others from the group jump in, singing higher or lower notes, louder or very soft, then engaging and getting stronger and at some point, all the sounds and notes come together (or not) and climax and then you find the silent again?

The last one is called "a sound carpet".

These are just a few examples of situations I experienced while studying contemporary dance. While feeling very shy, giggling a lot and being afraid of making a complete fool out of myself at the beginning, after some time I got used to it. Then it became normal, and finally it eventually became fun to try out these things. Making fun of yourself is very healthy and not take yourself and everything so serious even more. You don't need to study dance for this.


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