Strange situations on a Saturday

Yesterday I was pretty busy all day, meeting friends and my sister, driving to IKEA and organizing stuff. I spent a fair amount of time in the subway driving to different places.
I drove my bike to work all sumer and fall long, so there wasn't a lot of occasions when I had to take the subway, but yesterday, I realized, that this is where you actually meet a lot of people!

First thing in the morning, on my way to IKEA, there was an older lady with her two grandchildren, trying to buy a ticket in the subway. She was searching her pockets for coins because she only had bank notes, so she then asked a woman across from me if she was able to change her 5-Euro-bill to coins, but she wasn't. So I checked my wallet aswell, but didn't have enough coins either. When she asked her grandson then, if he only had 30 Cents left in his pockets, because that's all that was lacking, I gave her the 30 Cents, she smiled and thanked me and that was it.

Next thing, I was standing in the IKEA checkout area, packing my stuff, when a teenage girl approached me, giggling and asking if I had a handkerchief for her. I did and I gave it to her and she went away to her also giggling friend and I really wondered, what the hell was so funny, but somehow I had to laugh myself at the situation too.

On my way back home, I was waiting at the subway staring at my phone, scrolling through Instagram, when a very sweet little girl, maybe 10 years old, came by and stopped in front of me. I was a bit confused at first, because she was dressed like a little punk, with a black leather chocker with metal chains on it, really fucked up sneakers and messy hair, and she seemed so mature, that for one second I was wondering if this was a grown, but very, very small and frail woman. But then she asked, in a very high squeaky voice, if she may borrow my phone because hers had just run out of credit and she needed to call a friend. So I gave her my phone, she made her call and then she handed me back my phone, smiled very funny at me and went away.

Normally, this kind of interaction with strangers happen to me every other month and are no big deal, but these three situations, all following eachother in one day were really strange and left me wondering, what it was about.

But they left me with a happy feeling, so maybe, that's all it was about.


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