This week's failures

I need to confess, I'm afraid.
I was weak and gave in and didn't stay true to my beliefs.

I bought new clothes. A pair of jeans and a sweater. I didn't make them by myself, I didn't shop them in a second hand store, and they are in no way ethically sourced or fairly trade. I didn't feel well this week, I thought something new would make me feel better, it even did for a while, and now I feel guilty.

I was doing SO GOOD with not shopping and buying new clothes, really. I didn't need to, I didn't want to. Just like that.

But as I said I would, I have to report on how my new years resolutions are turning out. Damn.

Maybe it came as a punishment then that I was just in a traffic speed control today, aka my second failure this week.

Maybe, maybe not. On the other hand, it happened on my way home from a really great weekend with my best friend and her newborn daughter in Berlin, so I don't mind that much.

Let a new week begin!


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