I hate numbers.
Sometimes, there are just too many numbers and sometimes there are too little. 

I hate that there are too many things, that are count in numbers. Too many unimportant things. Like sales, like turnover, like profit margin, wealth and success. 

I hate that there are too many things that can't be count by numbers. Too many important things. Like kindness, like tolerance, like intelligence, compassion, loyalty and trust. 

I'm aware that numbers are important and that not only big evil enterprises have their numbers, but also small start ups or any kind of company all around the world needs to evaluate their business. I don't have a problem with analyses or evaluations per se. I want small, growing businesses to write black figures and I get the consequences of being in the red. I'm also aware that every company, big or small, gives people their job and makes having a family or care for themselves and others possible. 

Because, of course, money rules the world, there is no way around it, and there is no way without it. 

I hate when I get confronted with situations, where numbers are all that counts. I don't like people getting off on their sales figures. I don't like the concept of commission, which too often causes a seeking for quantity, not quality.
I don't like the culture of men, patting each other's shoulders because of their huge success and wealth, while all the people that contributed to the success as well but whose efforts, thoughts and skills can't be put in numbers, are left out and more often, paid less. 

There should be a social skill factor, a creative thinking index and an empathy bonus, but there are no such things.
Too bad.


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