Childhood memories I

Spending the easter holidays with my husband and my parents in Hamburg, Germany, we had a lot of time to chat and share memories, both shared memories and memories from our different childhoods or other stages in life.
So I thought, whenever I came across a specific memory, I could share it on my blog and maybe someone wants to share something similar or totally different aswell, as I find it really interesting to hear different stories and backgrounds.

Last night, we talked about books and reading in general and my parents and I remembered, that when me and my sisters were younger, we regularly spent time as a family at the local library, where each of us had a member card and was allowed to play games, read or just look at all the books we could find and at the end, borrow some books and take them home. There were different sections for difefernt types of books, there were big, colorfoul books for smaller children, childrens and youth books, fictional and non-fictional books, travel books and so on.
At the library, I think, it wasn't allowed to shout or be very noisy, so I could imagine, this was some well deserved peace for my parents, who could be sure that all of us were within reach and could also spend some quiet time reading.

For me as a child, I remember being the best part of it was, that we could pick everything we wanted and it felt like we were gifted the books. There was no price to pay or asking my parents if I could have this or if the books were too expensive. You just had to return the books from the last visit and could take new ones with you. And when you came home, there was this pile of books, you haven't read yet and there were a lot of stories waiting for you.

This memory gave me the motivation to spend some time in a library again and just read whats there, instead of buying new books and filling our book cases more and more. Maybe this way,  I will find and read books, I have never heard of or which normally I wouldn't pay attention to.

I'm also planning on writing little book essays after finishing some books, so there are a lot of blogposts waiting to be written in the future :)


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