On turning 30

First post in English, let us see what comes out of it :) 

Last month I turned 30. Me and my husband, whose birthday is six days before mine, decided to go on a holiday instead of throwing a party or, more likely, working late and not really knowing what to do or how to celebrate. 

So we took two weeks off and went to Barcelona, Spain, and Southern France, to the beautiful Languedoc region. I can safely say, that was the best decision ever and we spent both our birthdays really relaxed, enjoying the sun, having great food and just doing not very much. No thinking about what present to buy or how to best spend the few hours after a long working day in the city. Our gift to each other was the time we spent together exploring the region, trying different foods and delicious wines, reading, working just a little bit (my husband) and sewing (on my part). 

We did celebrate our birthdays with our families and friends a few weeks later after all, which was really nice. The last time, we celebrated with a lot of people was at the exact same time of the year, only six years before and in a different appartment. So I think, it was due and worth it. We got to see some family members for the first time in years and the party went on until four in the morning. We had asked our guests to bring food and I really liked seeing how everyone made an effort and thought about something special and tasty to bring along. We even had vegan mini burgers and gin muffins, both really good! 

I liked being a "twenty-something". In my twenties, I moved out from my parents home to study in Cologne, Germany. For the first time, I was really on my own, I shared an appartment with no heating with my room mate, I had to learn how to cook something else than scrambled eggs or pasta and living with little money. I made new friends, I lost old friends. I met my husband, we moved in together, I  met his daughters and learned to be their step mum. I quit my studies and got my first job. My husband and I got married, we moved a lot, we travelled, maybe too little. I lost my grandmother and, a few years later, my grandfather. There were fights and reunions, illness and healing. There were a lot of changes, sometimes really unexpected and exhausting changes and sometimes, after a while, they turned out to be good changes. 

I just sat down and wasn't planning on writing much at all about turning 30, more like "turning 30 was no big deal at all", but now I'm astonished how much happened in these last ten years between 20 and 30. I often have the feeling that I haven't done much and am not at a point yet, where I want to be. So much has still to come. But also a lot has already happened. 

So now I think, turning 30 in itself is not a big deal, but pausing a moment and look back at what has happened so far isn't such a bad thing to do from time to time. 


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