recipe testing

Maybe you remember that I wrote about meal prepping earlier this year. I started this at the beginning of this year as an attempt to control my expenses for meals and lunches throughout the week and to be able to control what I was eating/ that I was eating healthy.
With just a few exceptions, I managed to prepare meals for my working weeks on a regular bases, which is pretty satisfying. 

I may have gotten some laughters when people in my office realised that sometimes I ate the same meal on all five days of the week, but I can proudly say that I don't care at all and look forward to every single lunch, when I made it myself and like it. I also realised, that I just can't force myself to cook on a weekday, so when something is up on a specific weekend and I don't have the chance to prepare my meals on the weekend, I don't get it done at all and it is take out or ordering lunches the whole week. This results in much higher costs and much crappier food, like fries, pizza or asian take away, probably with a lot of artificial flavour enhancers. 

So, back to the recipe. I've been following Deliciously Ella for a while now and admiring the food on her Instagram account, but never actually tried one of her recipes. But then I saw this recipe right at the front page of her website and I quickly decided to give it a go: a quinoa sweet potato raisin salad

Sorry for the messy picture I took from this delicious dish. I only remembered to take a picture after everything was finished, it was dark outside and I had already started to pack away the food. So I tried to make it look nice by editing and putting one filter after another on it, but that didn't help much. So I recommend going to Ella's site, where I found the recipe, the photos there are MUCH prettier than mine! 

There are recipes, I just know that I will love the result, because there is not a single ingredient I don't like. Here it's mostly the sweet potatoes, which I could eat over and over again in all variations, together with fennel, toasted nuts and a lemony dressing. "This can't be bad" I thought, and I was right. 

This is the kind of salad I would wish for at any barbecue ever. It has a lot of stuff in it, it makes you full, it has a lot of texture and many different flavors complementing each other. Who needs meat on the grill anyway when you can have this salad?? :) 

Besides, the recipe was really easy to prepare. 

So of course, there are five neatly packed lunch boxes in our fridge right now and I can't wait until lunch time tomorrow :D 


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