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This is my 26th blog post. That means, that before this one, I wrote 25 other posts. I started in February and with a few exceptions, I wrote a blog post every week since then.

I'm doing this mostly for myself, so until now, I just wrote down what came to my mind, wether it was about something in my past, ideas I had or new things I wanted to try out.

As I would like to go more into creative writing, I'll try and start a new series on my blog with short stories.

For each episode, I'm going to think of a random person, some stranger on the street, someone I may or may not know, or a person that exists only in my imagination. I already do this pretty frequent, for example on my way to work or when walking around town. I notice someone and immediately start to construct a story around her or him. Background, what lead her or him into the situation she or he is in, age, name, and so on.
This happens without a purpose and completely intentionally, but maybe, by "collecting" these short stories, at some point, I can connect some of the charakters and create some kind of story around them.
Maybe it won't work the way I imagine it now, that's a possibility too, but I'll just give it a go and see what comes out of it.

I still haven't decided wether to write these short stories in German or English, but I think I'll try and start with German, as I imagine it to be more natural to me when writing creatively.


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