Here is some inspiration I got lately and you're welcome to take some of it to get inspired too, if you'd like :) 

Two restaurants in Cologne I want to try soon, as they sound promising: 

1. Bayleaf, Rheinauhafen, Cologne 

The Bayleaf is the bar of the restaurant Ox & Klee, which I already heard a lot of. What I findvery interesting about the Bayleaf bar is, that it serves food in the supposedly same high 

quality as the Ox & Klee restaurant, but they offer an additional cocktail pairing, which accompanies the courses. Also, I really like the velvet chairs, très chic <3

2. Bagatelle, Südstadt, Cologne 

My colleague, who is a former restaurant owner, recommended this restaurant to me and I was already sold when I saw the interior with those stone walls and small wooden tables.  

They serve little dishes with specialties from Southern France. I really love Tapas and trying out many different dishes at once. Adding some glasses of good wine to this and it sounds perfect to me. 

A sewing pattern I want to try out: 

The Willow tank from Grainline Studio - also really pretty in this chambray fabric! 

A few days ago, I came across this quotation and I'm afraid, this is really me. It translates to "pattern collector", a person who has very little time to sew, but big plans ahead. Every time I open Instagram, I see at least two to three new patterns which I'd really like to sew, like, immediately. But with the little time I have, I will never accomplish to actually make only a small amount of them. So I have to keep dreaming and from time to time, blog about the things, I would create if I had the time. 


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