Sewing project no. 4

My 4th sewing project wasn't planned to be one, I just wanted to have some kind of screen or covering for our terrace, so it wouldn't be open to all sides and a bit more cozy. 

Months ago, I started looking for some kind of ready made solution online and couldn't find something suitable, nice or affordable.
So my husband and I went to some store and bought a 7 metres long piece of screen material from a role and I planned to just attach it to the railing and it would be done. 

But back home, I realised, that our railing has two different heights on the two different sides, and that the screen I bought didn't fit on either of them. Further, the metal eyes attached to the screen wouldn't fit on one end of the railing because of the rather big gaps between them. So the screen would either finish too far away from the end of the railing or there would be too much fabric left. 

I know there are MUCH bigger problems in the world, ha ha, but sometimes, these things that are supposed to be easy and quickly done and that become unexpectedly difficult and complicated, can reeeaaally frustrate me. And very often these things happen while planning home improvement stuff, like hanging lamps or curtains. This is for example the reason why, after over a year since we moved into our current apartment, there are still no curtains in more than one room and we have to sleep with sleeping masks because we can't dim out the light :( 

So I was frustrated and threw the screen for our terrace in a corner of my closet and didn't touch it again. Until this weekend, which is along weekend with a holiday on Monday, so I thought, that even when I would spend a whole day, figuring out the terrace situation, I would still have one day left to relax. 

I started by attaching the screen to the railing to see where I would have to make changes, where the corner of the railing would be and to take measurements. Then I started by cutting the fabric in two pieces, one for the left side of the railing and one for the front part. As the screen was much too high for the height of the railing, I had to pin it to the right height, sew along the whole length and cut the excess fabric. You can see the seam here: 

Then I wanted to have metal eyes on the right end of the railing to attach the screen right in the corner. So again I measured the right distance, pinned the fabric in place, sew along the ehight of the screen and cut off the excess fabric. You can see the result and the seams here: 

At last, I had to reattach the two long pieces right at the edge where the corner of the railing would be. I coordinated the seams at the top and assembled the two pieces. As one piece was higher than the other, I finished the longer fabric piece at the edge so it wouldn't fray. 

In the end, I attached the whole thing to the railing anew and am really pleased with the result now. I'm not so pleased about the time I spent doing it, but at least now it looks and is custom made. May the sunny days begin! 


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